Strategic Plans 2017-20

The WUN Workshops and AGM 2017 will play host to a group of exciting academic programs within the Global Higher Education & Research, Understanding Cultures, Data Science and Public Health areas. A cutting-edge Presidents Forum on Higher Education and the UN Sustainable Development Goals will also feature prominently in the program.

This is a particularly important AGM for the Worldwide Universities Network. We have recently launched a fundamental review of the Network to transition us from our 2014-17 to 2017-20 strategic plans.

Governance and plenary sessions at the AGM in New York will distill the input from all groups to form a fit-for-purpose strategic plan that carries WUN into the next decade. This is an opportunity to facilitate a focused discussion within and among all the groups represented in WUN.

The focus of this AGM is a review of the current status including opportunities and threats. We will take a step back from our day-to-day operations and ask where WUN is headed and what its priorities should be, within the framework of the . Key is to set overall goals and to develop strategies and define actions to achieve them. One of the foci is building and strengthening bridges and engagement for leading international universities.

We encourage a high level of participation from the Partnership Board, Global Challenge Steering Group members, our Academic Advisory Group, Coordinators, and leading researchers at the AGM events in New York City.  This will maximize the impact of AGM 2017, build critical teamwork across the network, spark new international funding and research collaborations, and lay the groundwork for our next three-year strategic plan.

Resources include:

  • Position Papers by WUN Global Challenge Steering Groups
  • Online WUN Review surveys for all governance groups
  • Institutional Impact Reports for 2016-17
  • Recommendations of the WUN Partnership Board Working Group (endorsed by the WUN Board Steering Group)

Sessions & Registration

Book tickets for the workshops and meetings of your choice and have your say about WUN’s strategic direction in 2017-20.