WUN Strategic Plan & Governance Meetings

Agenda: Fundamental review of WUN in preparation for the Strategic Plan 2017-20

This is a particularly important AGM for the Worldwide Universities Network.

We have recently launched a fundamental review of the Network to transition us from our 2014-17 to 2017-20 strategic plans. The meetings in New York will distill the input from all groups to form a fit-for-purpose strategic plan that carries WUN into the next decade. This is an opportunity to facilitate a focused discussion within and among all the groups represented in WUN.

We encourage a high level of participation from the Partnership Board, Global Challenge Steering Group members, our Academic Advisory Group, Coordinators, and leading researchers at the AGM events in New York City.  This will maximize the impact of AGM 2017, build critical teamwork across the network, spark new international funding and research collaborations, and lay the groundwork for our next three-year strategic plan. More information.

Programmes for 3 and 4 May:

3 May 2017: WUN Strategic Plan & Governance Meetings & AGM

09.00 Strategic review – Context and overview
Professor Joseph Sung and Professor John Hearn
09.30  Presentations and Discussion


  1. Global Challenge Group Reports
  2. Reports from Partnership Board Steering Group (Working Group)
  3. Global Challenges and Sustainable Development Goals – Professor David Hogg
  4. Education and Mobility – Professor Martin Paul and Professor Peter Lennie
11.00  Coffee break
11.20 Presentations and Discussion

  1. Reports from Partnership Board Steering Group (Working Group) continued
  2. Enabling Cores/Cross-cutting Themes – Professor John Hearn
  3. Engagement, Visability and Impact – Professor Joseph Sung and Professor John Hearn
12.30 Lunch
Public Health, Understanding Cultures and Responding to Climate Change Steering Groups will meet as a working lunch during this time. GHEAR Steering Group will meet alongside its workshop in Amherst.
14.00 Breakout Sessions: (i) Global Challenges and alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals; (ii) Education and Mobility; (iii) Enabling Cores supporting global challenges, (iv) Engagement, Visibility and Impact
15.30 Coffee Break
16.00 Plenary: Reporting Session
17.30 End of Session
18.30 Opening Reception and Working Dinners (PB, AAG and GC Chairs and Enabling theme leaders; Coordinators)

4 May 2017: WUN Strategic Plan & Governance Meetings & AGM

09.00 WUN Highlights for sustainable programs (speakers TBC – 10 minutes each)
10.00 Partnership Board, AAG, and Coordinators Individual Governance Group Meetings
12.30 Lunch with optional breakout session on Mobility (Dr Jane Gatewood and Dr Susie Jim)
14.00 Governance Meetings Roundup Session
15.00 Coffee Break
15.30 Plenary: Reporting Session
16.30 AGM
17.30 End of session
18.30 for
19.00 start
WUN Annual Conference Dinner (includes guests from international agencies)