In addition to our portfolio of research programs, WUN offers a number of services and activities that facilitate collaboration and exchange both amongst our members and with our external partners.

Conferences and Workshops

Throughout the year, WUN hosts conferences, workshops, seminars and events that bring an international community of researchers together to share ideas, spark collaboration and further our ground-breaking research. We don’t work in a vacuum, and these events partner with leading universities, academic societies, international organisations, foundations and governments to ensure our research has relevance and impact.

Workshops can be held at any time, and are for the Steering Group to approve with the WUN Executive Director. They can be at a member university, joint with a relevant international society or agency, or include a research fellow working with such partners. These activities are usually funded through the Global Challenge Steering Group Funds, or the RDF as appropriate. The proposal should be prepared in a timely way, and signed off through the Chairs and the Executive Director (often involving one or more AAG members in review).

A feasible timeline is essential to be able to secure speakers, venues and funding and consult and invite experts across WUN, who will need sufficient time to plan their travel and obtain visas if required.

Contact your local WUN Coordinator to discuss options, and see our events page for examples of WUN conferences and workshops.

Research Development Fund

We provide seed funding to support bright researchers with great ideas to develop their concept and form international research teams that can subsequently seek long-term funding from external funding agencies. For more information, visit our Research Development Fund page.

Research Mobility Programme

We are committed to fostering the next generation of researchers to develop cutting-edge professional skills and equip them for a career in a global marketplace. Our Research Mobility Programme (RMP) provides opportunities for postgraduate students and early career researchers from WUN member universities to spend periods of up to three months at a WUN partner university. For more information, visit out RMP page.

Student Mobility

WUN is exploring ways to provide exciting, innovative and enriching international experiences to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. While research collaboration remains our main driving focus, we aim to deploy the power and breadth of our network to engage our students at all levels. Our Student Mobility Working Group is developing options ranging from innovative exchange programs and summer schools to programs that provide international exposure to students at their home university.

Teaching and Learning

Many WUN collaborations include activities that produce resources for use in teaching or which provide early stage researchers with opportunities to develop presentation skills. Different research communities share modules on Masters degrees, develop archives of virtual seminars for use in teaching and postgraduate research, as well as providing virtual master classes and organising international summer schools.

Several partners make online courses available that have come about through WUN collaborations:

  • Distance learning in Geographical Information Systems
  • Online Masters Programmes in Public Management

Online tools and support

We provide a range of digital tools to support communication and collaboration among researchers:

  • Virtual seminars that bring researchers from distant locations together to share ideas. This service also offers postgraduate students access to scholars they may not otherwise interact with.
  • Desktop conferencing and teleconferencing to support meetings and smaller seminars, and to help develop collaborations.
  • Research project webpages to promote research initiatives.
  • Cloud-based servers to easily share data and information.
  • Email lists to facilitate communications.